Web Creators wanted!

Are you a blogger, a journalist, a video creator, a podcaster, a photographer... Anyone creating content for the web regularly?

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The digital world is moving, and it’s moving fast

More and more people have access to digital resources, and are able to create and share their inspiration with the world, beyond borders or cultural differences.

This is a revolution

And yet, creating online content still comes along with its share of challenges, struggles and needs. Only the most determined reach the point where their content is actually out there and visible enough to be appreciated by a large audience.

Our job is to understand more about the content creation journey.

Our job is to understand you

We are a European digital research startup helping global technology leaders foresee tomorrow’s digital challenges and foster online creation. We want to help them understand online content creators’ needs - your needs - in order to offer them better support and more useful solutions.
We are now searching for online creators who are willing to share their story with us and tell us all about their creative process, their challenges and their needs.

Tell us your story

Who are we looking for?
No matter if you’re popular or not (yet), if you earn money with your content or not, no matter your age, gender, the topic you cover or the type of content you produce (text, photography, video, infographics, podcast, music, ...). As long as you regularly - say at least once per week - create digital content, we’re interested to meet you!

How can you contribute?
We would like to interview you via a face-to-face video call. The good news is, you will receive a moderate compensation for your time at the end of our survey. Or you can simply donate it to the community tech network, an NGO that is fostering digital literacy.

What will we talk about?
You! We would love to know more about your daily routines as a content creator, and discuss topics such as why you decided to start creating content online, what you are struggling with or what would make your life easier. It will take the form of a casual conversation with Marie, our interviewer, who will listen to you and ask you for details or guide you through more specific topics.

Participants usually enjoy the experience. They are often pleasantly surprised about the insights they got from reflecting on their own creative journey.

Ready to get started?

Simply send us an email and we will get back to you asap to schedule your interview.

We are looking forward to meeting you!